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  • 03/09/17, Thur: Membership Meeting

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Rudy & Barbara's 1961 Roadster Featured in WHEELS  Rudy Neustadter Wheels Article
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 Suzie Casta "ROCKIN PROUD MARY" @ our Holiday Party Suzie Casta PROUD MARY VIDEO
TOYS-4-TOTS Caravan: A HUGE SUCCESS AGAIN THIS YEAR: 12-16-15: Toys-4-Tots Caravan
Corvette Racing Video RecapSeason Recap 2016



   1978 C3 Anniv Coupe : JUST REDUCED TO $11,000
  2011 G-S RED ROADSTER :Member Car, Very Clean
  2011 RED  G-S COUPE :Member Car, super clean
  1994 BLUE C4 COUPE : Member Car, JUST REDUCED!!!
  2010 G-S RED ROADSTER : New Listing, Low Mileage, 500+HP
  FOR SALE PAGE  Many more cars & accessories here


Our sincere thanks to Rich & Paige Udell for organizing the wonderful and surprisingly economical DRIVE & DINE to the renowned A&D HAYSEED CAFE for a Sunday Brunch on 01/08/17.  The 45 - 50 members that went were treated to good home cooked delights including baked chicken, country fried chicken, roast beef, chili, and a plethora of sides, all the food your doctor says NOT to eat.

The Villages Logo
Sumter Landing
Village Vettes Corvette Show
Thanks to the work of many committee members our club again filled the Sumter Landing Square with 54 Corvettes.  This was the kickoff of our 2016 Toys-4-Tots drive and we thank all committee members, participants and member volunteers that helped us make this a truly memorable experience for all.
Our staff videographer got a bit carried away when an irate, obviously impatient, and no doubt, retired "villager" in a Kia Soul nearly ran him over after blowing his horn repeatedly.  Please excuse the language slip.  

     TOD Map
Members Donna & Bob Collins and Roger Stokes & Cindy Jaudon drove the infamous TAIL OF THE DRAGON on August 14th.

While in the area, they also toured the Biltmore estate in Asheville, enjoyed wine tasting at several wineries and excellent cuisine in Banner Elk, Jefferson and Boone.hey 

Although we were rarely able to exceed 35-40 MPH, the ride was memorable, to say the least! Since we were there on the week-end, the trail was quite busy with other cars and numerous motorcycles. On the way down a couple of Deals Gap’s finest were seen citing several bikers. In one video I followed Roger up the trail and in the other I led the way back down. There are several professional photographers positioned along the trail. The still shot of my C7 I sent you was taken on the way back down the trail. I downloaded it from their website for $5.75. As you can see from the video, it was taken with the Performance Data Recorder (PDR) in my C7. This feature is especially nice as not only do you capture the view from the windshield, but also cabin sounds, the tachometer, speed, gear, and side-to-side G-force.
I’m enrolled in the Ron Fellows Performance Driving Course in January and will be at Sebring in March and look forward to more recordings.

  The club desperately needs committed committee members to help develop car show cruises, dinner runs, points of interest cruises, etc. for the club.  We all own CORVETTES and we love to drive them >>>BUT<<< we need organized events to do so.  With close to 500 active members, there must be some folks out there that is willing to step up.  Other local car clubs, larger and smaller have interesting activities, cruises, dinners, etc but we, for whatever reason, seem to have some trouble emulating this.  Please contact the BOD to help us make this club the best car club in THE VILLAGES.  

  Plans are afoot for a huge VILLAGES CAR event at the Grand Oaks Resort & Museum (better know locally as the Carriage Museum).  Alan Stone, the "PT Barnum of The Villages", has had preliminary discussions with the management of the facility and the preliminary outline currently calls for a "test balloon" show to benefit the
in April of 2017 which will include ALL car clubs in and around THE VILLAGES followed by a HUGE AUTOMOTIVE EVENT (bigger that the Great Race) just before the holiday season in 2017 to again benefit The Special Olympies, one of Mr. Golisano's favorite charities.  We will need an army of helpers, volunteers, etc. to pull this off but it could be the first of many historic events for car clubs in The Villages at this wonderful venue. More information will be made available as things solidify.

Welcome to the Village Vettes Corvette Club website.  Here you will find a plethora of useful and, perhaps, useless information about our club and our beloved cars,


The following video embodies what the

is all about.  Loving our cars and taking care of our fellow man.  Before you go any further, please take a moment to watch this:


In September 2014 our club, THE VILLAGE VETTES CORVETTE CLUB, was the recipient of the FIRST PLACE AWARD for our BANNER displayed at the NATIONAL CORVETTE M-- USEUM in Bowling Green, KY.  Our banner will proudly fly for one year at the entrance to the museum for all CORVETTE visitors to see. This was presented to the club's NCM AMBASSADOR, Bill Clements, at the Sept 2014 20TH ANNIV. NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM CARAVAN which many of our members participated in.  My thanks to my son, Kevin, for his continued support in teaching me website design and graphics "that make sense".  



We're were hoping for a "WE'RE #1 REPEAT" with our submission for 2015 shown below but the "NCM Banner Gods" were not smiling for us.  We did, however, capture the 3rd place award which, considering the size and median age of our club members is pretty darn good. This simply motivates Kevin & I to come up with one for 2017 that absolutely blows away the competition.  


We have a very, very active club, enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow members and our cars with many, many cruises, shows, etc. on our agenda.  Please visit our calendar page for details and links to our upcoming cruises.  If, after perusing our entire website you feel an unrelenting urge to join our club, please click the button for an on-line registration form ON-LINE APPLICATION    Our club is open to all residents of THE VILLAGES who own CORVETTES.  Thank you and enjoy our site and the rest of your day.