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The Village Vettes Corvette Club received its impetus in 2005. We experienced a rapid growth in membership and in January 2011, the Club incorporated as a non-profit corporate entity. Its membership is comprised of Villages residents who share the celebration and camaraderie that is the American Sports Car as well as the gratifying benefit of interacting with Corvette owners with similar interests and passion. Presently, the membership is comprised of over 365 Villages residents representing 196 “Village Families” and owning more than 215 Corvettes.

A “Calendar of Events” listing all activities and contacts is disseminated monthly to the membership via email as well as being posted on the “CURRENT EVENTS” page of this site. Individual members take sponsorship of varied events/activities to captivating destinations throughout Florida and the Southeast. An event attracting your interest merely requires you contact the sponsoring member.

Joining the Village Vettes Corvette Club is an easy process. There are two (2) fundamental pre-requisites. Interested individuals and their significant other/spouse must (1) reside in The Villages and (2) you must own a Corvette.  Prospective members are requested to fill out the Village Vettes Member Application 1.5 and bring it with you along with a check or CASH to cover your initiation fee and first year’s dues or, if you prefer, sign-up on-line by clicking here: On-Line New Member Application. New members are subject to a one-time initiation fee of $25.00 per entrant application and annual dues of $25.00 per family or, if a single person, $15 per person. For any questions contact Mike Roemer at (352) 633-0134

There is an open invitation to anyone who wants to share the adventure that is Corvette to join us at a General Membership Meeting and experience the remarkable community that is The Village Vettes Corvette Club.

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The Village Vettes Corvette Club has met at the Coconut Cove Rec Center since its inception but, due to the swelling of our membership, we requested and have been approved to meet at the new Eisenhower Recreation Center near BROWNWOOD SQUARE just off Buena Vista Blvd before you get to the BROWNWOOD turn off.  We meet at 7:00 PM on the second Thursday of every month.  Please scroll down to be sure you show up at the correct center.  For the first 3 months of 2014 we had to juggle locations to accommodate the Villages but, starting with out April 10, 2014 meeting we are locked and loaded at this rec center.


04/10/14 & every second Thursday of the month thereafter. EISENHOWER REC CENTER: As expected, The Villages.com apparently doesn’t have the the time or money update their website to show the exact map location of their newest and greatest center, Eisenhower Rec Center but, I am told, it is located on the right, just off Buena Vista Blvd, just before you get to the new HUGE VILLAGES COMMERCIAL CENTER, BROWNWOOD. 20131208_170209 CLICK HERE FOR A MAP,