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08/10/17, Thur
Club Dinner @ Mallory CC
08/10/17, Thur
Membership Meeting @ Eisenhower
08/24/17, Thur
NPD Tour + Lunch Cruise
Corvettes @ Carlisle


late breaking stuff

BLESSING, Touch of Glass:  Touch of Glass

Rich & Page Udell, Article on their 1963 MAX-WEDGE Savoy MAX-WEDGE SAVOY
Rudy & Barbara's 1961 Roadster Featured in WHEELS  Rudy Neustadter Wheels Article
 Suzie Casta "ROCKIN PROUD MARY" @ our Holiday Party Suzie Casta PROUD MARY VIDEO
TOYS-4-TOTS Caravan: A HUGE SUCCESS AGAIN THIS YEAR: 12-16-15: Toys-4-Tots Caravan
12/13/16 Mt.Dora Christmas Light Walk: Mt. Dora Christmas Light


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  FOR SALE PAGE  Many more cars & accessories here

Looks Into Crystal Ball for the
Future of Corvette

Our friend Don Sherman of Car and Driver is back talking about the near-future of the Chevrolet and what the next 18 months should bring.            07/08/17

As the technical editor for C&D, the long-time 1967 Corvette owner has many friendships and sources inside GM and the Corvette team. That doesn’t mean Don is 100% up on what’s going on with both the launch of the 2018 Corvette ZR1 or the c8 mid-engine Corvette. No one is. But we like to think of Sherman’s articles on Corvettes like a modern-day EF Hutton commercial. When he speaks, we need to shut up and listen!


Don recently posted about the future of the Corvette on and he had some interesting takes after visiting the Bowling Green Assembly Plant and taking part of the public tours before they recently closed them down.

Don was the guy who first put out there that the 2018 Corvette ZR1 will be introduced on August 6th at Road America during an IMSA race. He still believes that’s where the public will first see the latest C7 Corvette for the first time:

My educated guess is that the 2018 ZR1 will break cover at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin’s Road America race track in conjunction with the August 6 Continental Tire Road Race event. The photo op of the street ZR1s juxtaposed with Corvette C7.R racers is too golden an opportunity for Chevy to squander.

He believes that the 2018 ZR1 will be powered by a version of the Corvette Z06’s 6.2L LT4 V8 engine. The ZR1’s engine will have a larger Eaton twin-rotor supercharger and higher capacity intercoolers to boost power up to 750 hp but it will still retain the same direct injection and variable valve timing setup as the LT4. But Don isn’t so sure it will be called the LT5 as many have speculated and believes the LT5 document leak was either a smoke screen or document error.

One of the features of the ZR1 that Don is excited to see will be an active aero dynamics system that was published in a patent application by GM:

This year’s ZR1 will also be armed with special features to optimize its aero performance: a means of accurately controlling each corner’s ride height to take maximum advantage of a variable front splitter and an active rear wing flying high and wide. In March of this year, GM applied for a patent that describes this equipment in intimate detail.

So what is all this going to cost? After all, the 2013 ZR1 MSRP began around $112,000. Don thinks the 2018 Corvette ZR1’s price point will be around $135,000.

From there, he shifts into the future of Corvette and the C8 mid-engine. Will the Corvette shift to being a mid-engine car moving forward or will Chevrolet offer both a front-engine and mid-engine models and let the market decide?

Considering that Chevy currently owns more than 40 percent of the $50-100,000 sports car market, flipping the switch from C7 to a radically different and more-expensive C8 would be insanity. Instead, building both Corvettes concurrently will allow the faithful to decide which best suits their fantasies.

Don refers to the C8 mid-engine Corvettes at a 2020 model year. A year ago, he suggested the C8 Corvette would debut at the 2018 NAIAS in Detroit with an LT1 V8 and an MSRP of $80,000. So it’s worth noting the Corvette expert’s time-line change as the 2019 C8 is pushed back a year. However Don has lowered his expected MSRP of the 2020 C8 mid-engine base model to below $70,000 – that would be a real trick for the Corvette team to pull off and would remove the expected higher price point for customers to make the mid-engine jump at a price that is relatively the same as the front-engine C7 Corvette Grand Sport.

With 500 or so horsepower on tap and a base price below $70,000, the 2020 C8 should revolutionize the supercar category. As this new platform matures, Chevy will add alternatives to today’s LT-1 including an all-wheel-drive hybrid (possibly called E-Ray) and a twin-turbo DOHC V-8 hammering out a remarkable 1,000 horsepower.

Don offers a new rumor that is new to us, saying that the word on the street is that a North Carolina shop will upfit Bowling-Green C8s with a custom interior and exterior trim. We’re not so sure about that as the upgrades the plant will undergo in the next four months should make it easier for Chevrolet to provide all that in-house at the plant. We don’t see the company spending nearly $775 million on plant upgrades to outsource the installation of interiors to another vendor.

Finally, Don offers a tip when it comes to viewing the camouflaged C8 mules saying that certain prototypes are being constructed by Pratt & Miller engineering utilizing Daytona Prototype panels for subterfuge, saying “When your task is nurturing wild Corvette dreams, chicanery is to be expected.”


CAMERO ZL1-ILE @ Nurenberg
14 Fastest lap EVER!!!


The Villages Logo
Sumter Landing
2017 VVCC

04-28-17 VVCC Sumter Landing Show

MCCC Spring Fling
3 trophies!!!

Four members attended this very hot, very nice show in Ocala on Saturday 04/01.  Three were the recipients of PARTICIPANTS CHOICE trophies, Roger Stokes with his collectible and FOR SALE 1998 Indy Pace Car, Larry McLaughlin with his rare Velocity Yellow with Red Interior Z06/Z07 Coupe and George Borke with his pristine 2014 Line Rock Green Premier Edition Roadster. 


06/21/17: Our thanks to Sharon & Kurt ADAMS for, again, putting together a GREAT lunch cruise to one of our club's favorite's, LAKE HARRIS HIDEAWAY, a premier "biker bar" in the central Florida area.  Ya can't go wrong with truck stops or biker bars, right???

06-21-17 Lake Harris Hideaway Lunch Cruise

It was very, very difficult to hold back the tears Friday night, Feb 10 in Ocala.  12 member cars acted as limos for a group of Special Need kids & adults for their "Night to Shine".  A private, very special prom complete with a red carpet, paparazzi, cheering fans, balloons, and lotsa, lotsa of love greeted each and every prom attendee.  They experienced the time of their life, their very own special night, a night they'd not have had but for the hard word and support of many, many people. Our thanks to Ron & Marty Tanner and their friends, Joe & Brenda Barton for organizing what will hopefully be an annual event for our club.  
Night to Shine #1

The Villages Logo
Sumter Landing
Village Vettes Corvette Show
Thanks to the work of many committee members our club again filled the Sumter Landing Square with 54 Corvettes.  This was the kickoff of our 2016 Toys-4-Tots drive and we thank all committee members, participants and member volunteers that helped us make this a truly memorable experience for all.
Our staff videographer got a bit carried away when an irate, obviously impatient, and no doubt, retired "villager" in a Kia Soul nearly ran him over after blowing his horn repeatedly.  Please excuse the language slip.  

  The club desperately needs committed committee members to help develop car show cruises, dinner runs, points of interest cruises, etc. for the club.  We all own CORVETTES and we love to drive them >>>BUT<<< we need organized events to do so.  With close to 500 active members, there must be some folks out there that is willing to step up.  Other local car clubs, larger and smaller have interesting activities, cruises, dinners, etc but we, for whatever reason, seem to have some trouble emulating this.  Please contact the BOD to help us make this club the best car club in THE VILLAGES.

Welcome to the Village Vettes Corvette Club website.  Here you will find a plethora of useful and, perhaps, useless information about our club and our beloved cars,


The following video embodies what the

is all about.  Loving our cars and taking care of our fellow man.  Before you go any further, please take a moment to watch this:


In September 2014 our club, THE VILLAGE VETTES CORVETTE CLUB, was the recipient of the FIRST PLACE AWARD for our BANNER displayed at the NATIONAL CORVETTE M-- USEUM in Bowling Green, KY.  Our banner will proudly fly for one year at the entrance to the museum for all CORVETTE visitors to see. This was presented to the club's NCM AMBASSADOR, Bill Clements, at the Sept 2014 20TH ANNIV. NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM CARAVAN which many of our members participated in.  My thanks to my son, Kevin, for his continued support in teaching me website design and graphics "that make sense".  



We're were hoping for a "WE'RE #1 REPEAT" with our submission for 2015 shown below but the "NCM Banner Gods" were not smiling for us.  We did, however, capture the 3rd place award which, considering the size and median age of our club members is pretty darn good. This simply motivates Kevin & I to come up with one for 2017 that absolutely blows away the competition.  


We have a very, very active club, enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow members and our cars with many, many cruises, shows, etc. on our agenda.  Please visit our calendar page for details and links to our upcoming cruises.  If, after perusing our entire website you feel an unrelenting urge to join our club, please click the button for an on-line registration form ON-LINE APPLICATION    Our club is open to all residents of THE VILLAGES who own CORVETTES.  Thank you and enjoy our site and the rest of your day.